Korean Speaking Practice ๐Ÿ‘„ Day 1: Self-Introduction & Role Play

Helena ์Œค
16 Mar 2023

As a Korean language exchange partner, Helena has come up with an exciting way to improve their conversation skills in Korean. In this video, she practices self-introduction with her viewers. The practice is divided into three stages.

In the first stage, Helena introduces herself as Yumi, and her viewer is Jo Soo-ah. Yumi talks about her interest in YouTube and expresses her desire to create a travel YouTube channel. They exchange their location details and decide to stay in touch through KakaoTalk.

In the second stage, Helena takes on the role of Jo Soo-ah, a Korean teacher. She asks questions about Yumi's YouTube channel and her location. They decide to meet and hang out often.

Finally, in the third stage, Helena introduces herself and asks viewers to introduce themselves. She asks about their nationality, job, and hobbies, and encourages them to stay in touch.

The video is an excellent way to practice self-introduction and improve conversation skills in Korean. Helena's engaging and interactive approach helps viewers feel more confident in their language abilities. With this video, viewers can learn how to make introductions and engage in small talk in Korean.

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